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Green Fundraising Ideas

It’s only natural that a growing concern for the environment and the desire to create a healthy future for our children would result in a move toward environmental fundraising. Nature’s Vision is at the forefront of this trend, and we’re proud of the ethical and eco-friendly fundraising opportunity we offer schools, organizations and communities. We know that nature fundraising is an easy concept to sell because everyone likes the idea of showing their support for schools and for the environment. We also know how much people love looking through our colorful catalog and owning our fun, earth-friendly products. By making the fundraising process as easy and convenient as possible, we also show that we understand and appreciate the hard work and dedication of countless volunteers at the heart of fundraisers for schools.

With our extensive experience in the world of school fundraising, we understand that raising money goes hand in hand with raising awareness of your organization and the people involved. We can help bring your community together and raise awareness using the theme of nature fundraising and a few our many green fundraising ideas.

Fragrant Candles Light Up your Nature Fundraiser

Smell the sweet scent of success as your sales team proudly offers buyers our long-lasting, 100 percent natural soy candles. Made in America’s heartland, these high-quality items are a winner when it comes to green fundraising ideas. Our reed diffusers infuse the whole house with wonderful scents, and our new flameless LED candles provide the fragrance and lighting effects of a candle without the mess or need for safety precautions.

Grow Your Own Environmental Fundraising Effort

Make your fundraiser a green one by offering our beautiful bulbs to the gardeners in your community. Each year, dedicated green thumbs purchase and plant bulbs throughout communities across the country. Why not become the supplier of colorful blooms to individuals, garden clubs and others as a way to get your environmentally minded community members to take part in eco-friendly fundraisers for schools? Selling flower bulbs can earn generous amounts of money for your nature fundraiser and can beautify your community in the process.

Carry the Day With a Green Alternative to Plastic Bags

Our durable and eco-friendly totes are a wonderful alternative to plastic bags at the grocery store. One nature fundraising idea your organization could try is to challenge your town to eliminate at least three plastic bags per shopping trip by switching to our colorful tote bags. Another fundraising idea to reduce plastic is to promote the use of our insulated lunch totes. Besides helping the environment, they keep food hot or cold as needed and are made of long-lasting, heavy-duty material.

Bringing Home the Green

Our eco-friendly home products make a great theme for an environmental fundraising effort. A commitment to positive change can often start in the home, and our decorative and practical products have the green appeal so many consumers are looking for to show their support for a safe and healthy earth. What better way to get your community involved in your cause and the cause of environmental awareness?