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Fundraising Ideas for Kids

Involving your children or students in the process of fundraising can introduce them to many empowering lessons. When kids participate in a fundraising campaign, they learn about budgets, salesmanship, goal setting and accountability. At the end of a successful fundraiser, kids feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. When the reward for their creativity and hard work results in their ability to enjoy an activity or help another human being, they learn that they are powerful enough to have a measurable impact on their future and their community. Children whose success in this arena creates opportunities to travel or compete feel a healthy sense of connection and ownership during those activities, which enriches their experience greatly. Parents and teachers are well aware of the importance of these life experiences and lessons. Fundraising ideas for kids will help you to foster participation among our young people who will become tomorrow’s leaders.

Tips for Helping Kids to Participate In Your Next Fundraiser

Get Parents Involved First

If your fundraiser will include the participation of young people, it is a good idea to let their parents know the purpose of the fundraiser as well as the expectations and goals involved. If there will be any procedural details that need tending to, like order forms or keeping track of goals and incentives, be sure to introduce them in your presentation. Parents informed in advance of a fundraiser are usually much more enthusiastic about assisting in their children's successes. This will foster positive relationships that support future fundraisers too.

Make Appropriate Goals

Be mindful of the time constraints many children and their parents must accommodate in daily life. Students have extracurricular activities and homework demands that require time investments outside of the regularly scheduled school day. Give them goals and responsibilities that they can fulfill readily without detracting from their ability to honor their other academic and community obligations. Children are usually extremely enthusiastic volunteers in fundraising efforts. Tending to their needs for realism regarding their time and capabilities will ensure that their spirits stay positive.

Make Fundraising Fun

Keeping any fundraising event buoyed by positive energy is integral to its success. Select a fun theme to render the children of your community certain to reach fundraising superstardom. Any parent will tell you that the laughter and vitality of their child is contagious and certainly hard to turn down. Make that positivity an asset by creating themes that draw out children's naturally contagious enthusiasm with these fundraising ideas for kids:

These are just a few fun fundraising ideas for kids that are sure to be a hit with families while contributing to great causes.