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Art in Nature

Sensational Garden Additions for Fall Planting, 100% Guaranteed.

Sunny Tree Ring

Mixed Tulips
10 Premium Bulbs
- Requires Full Sun

Item Number K931

Delightful rainbow
mixture of top-grade
bulbs guaranteed to
bring you abundant
color this spring and
for many years to come.
Grows 12-24" tall.


Butterfly Garden Flower Mat

Electric Blue Anemone
15 Premium Bulbs
- Requires Full Sun

Item Number V948

Some of the showiest flowers produce fantastic vibrant bright blue poppy-like blooms in the early summer garden. Ideal for low maintenance gardening. Grows 8-10" tall.


Bleeding Hearts

Mixed Hyacinths
3 Premium Bulbs
- Requires Partial Shade

Item Number R933

Enjoy the delightful fragrance, the vibrant
colors and the amazing vigor of this hyacinth mix.
These winter-hardy bulbs flower reliably on sturdy
stems a foot tall, whether planted in full sun or
partial shade. Grows 8-12 inches tall.


Honeybee Flower Mat

Allium Giant Purple Sensation
5 Premium Bulbs
- Requires Full Sun

Item Number R939

Hundreds of tiny purple flowers tightly compressed to look like one gorgeous, round baseball sized flower on 20-30" stems. Wonderful as cut and dried flowers. Blooms spring through early summer.


Hummingbird Hanging Garden

Paperwhite Narcissus
3 Premium Bulbs
- Requires Partial Sun

Item Number V937

Bring the outdoors in with these fragrant, white, star-shaped flowers. Just plant the bulbs in nearly any container, add water, and in only 4 to 6 weeks you will have a delightfully scented indoor garden. Vases not included.


Pansy Tree Ring

Spring Rock Garden Collection
60 Premium Bulbs
- Requires Full Sun

Item Number G943

Enjoy a delightful spring rock garden with this beautiful collection. 15 Anemone Blanda Mix, 20 Striped Squill, 20 Glory of the Snow, and 5 Dwarf Iris Reticulata. Mix gives you a medley of colors and flower forms that lasts from early to late spring. All naturalize readily and will grow and multiply year after year.


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Art in Nature

Sensational Garden Additions for Spring Planting, 100% Guaranteed. Available Winter 2019.

Hummingbird Hanging Garden
Requires Full Sun

Item Number R950

Your garden will bloom with flowers that produce the nectar that hummingbirds love. Kit includes a 8½" x 21½” reusable poly bag with nylon rope, a packet of seeds, and complete planting and care instructions.


Organic Vertical Garden
Jalapeno Pepper Saddlebag
Requires Full Sun

Item Number R937

Grow fresh Jalapeno peppers on your
porch, patio deck or fence. Organic,
eco-friendly and GMO Free. Includes an
8½” x 21½” reusable hanging bag with
rope, organic jalapeno pepper seed
packet and complete instructions.


insulated cooler bag

Organic Vertical Garden
Roma Tomato Saddlebags
Requires Full Sun

Item Number R954

Enjoy fresh, delicious tomatoes throughout
the summer in just a small amount of space.
Easy to grow! Organic and GMO Free.
Includes a 8½” x 29” reusable saddlebag,
organic Roma tomato seed packet,
and complete instructions.


Colorfest Collection
80 Premium Bulbs
Require Full Sun

Item Number G932

Absolutely spectacular! This 80 bulb collection will light up any sunny spot in the garden with months of bright flowers. Collection includes 35 mixed Oxalis, 15 Anemone Blanda, 10 mixed Freesia, and 20 mixed Ixia. Blooms from May through July. Heights range from 3-18” tall.


Dwarf Dahlias Flower Mat
Require Full Sun

Item Number R943

The lovely semi-dwarf dahlias make wonderful borders as well as cut flowers and are stunning in containers. Blooms mid-summer through mid-fall with flowers of purple, red, rose, salmon and white. Stems are 10-16" tall. Mat measures 17" x 5'.


Mixed Glads
25 Premium Bulbs
Require Full Sun

Item Number V938

The queen of summer blooms! A complete spectrum
of vibrant color and a delightfully ruffled flower form
carried on sturdy stalks 3’–4’ tall. Vigorous in the garden,
exceptional as cut flowers and distinctive in arrangements.


Sunflower Garden Seed Mat

Sunflower Garden Seed Mat
- Require Full Sun

Item Number V939

Sunflowers are the symbol of summer, sunshine and health. This special mix produces a gorgeous array of sunny colors in deep red, rich copper, gold, yellow, rust and intriguing two-tones. Great in cut flower bouquets! Mat measures 17” x 5’.


Sunflower Garden Seed Mat

Butterfly Saddlebag
Hanging Kit
- Require Full Sun

Item Number R940

Enjoy a profusion of color and blooms with the added bonus of being able to watch the fauna enjoy the nectar of the sweet flowers. Butterflies love bright colors in gold, orange, blue, pink, yellow, and red flowers. Kit includes a saddlebag that drapes over any railing or fence, special butterfly attracting seed mix & complete planting and care instructions. Saddlebag Measures 8½” x 29".


Sunny Tree Ring Flower Mat
Require Fulll Sun

Item Number R953

Clear the space around any tree and set the pre-seeded mat in place. Water and enjoy a beautiful display of flowers all summer long. Mat measures 17” x 5’.


Merry Marigolds Flower Mat
Require Fulll Sun

Item Number R946

Bring vibrant color to your garden with our Merry Marigold flower mat. Marigolds are easy to grow and quite versatile. Known to repel unwanted pests with its scent so plant in containers around doors and entryways. Each mat measures 17" x 5’ long.


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Nature’s Vision Fundraising: Some Favorite Choices

For those who love clothing, our soft, comfy 100% cotton T-shirts come in the most flattering colors. Made with heavyweight and long lasting fabric, their inspiring animal and nature designs appeal to children and adults alike. Buyers can accessorize them with any of our colorful tote bags or perhaps one of our adorable pieces of nature-inspired jewelry. For cooler weather, our long-sleeve T-shirts and vibrantly colored fleece throw blankets are a great choice to help stay warm.

Our towel ponchos and towels, all made of soft cotton velour, are another of our spectacular green fundraising ideas. When potential buyers see the choice of dramatic and inspiring prints available on these products, they’ll be excited over and ready to buy. What a great way to support fundraisers for schools!

No nature fundraiser would be complete without a range of home and garden products as well as gift ideas for special occasions. Bamboo is an environmentally friendly and renewable resource that we’re pleased to offer in a variety of kitchen items from trivets to cutting boards to utensils. The fine workmanship and practicality of these items makes them an easy choice for our environmental fundraising catalog. Our flower bulbs and solar garden lights will inspire garden lovers to support your nature fundraiser, and our beautifully scented soy candles and flameless LED candles will enhance any home.

The fun doesn’t stop with our gorgeous catalog choices. When the orders flow in, Nature’s Vision will package items individually and send them to your organization sorted by seller. That way, everyone wins. Volunteers don’t waste valuable time sorting orders, sales people spend more time on their nature fundraising drive, environmental causes get your help, and buyers are happy to support green fundraisers for schools.