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Designer Wallets for Fundraisers

Superb full-frame design and stylish exterior pairs fashion with durability. Elegance, sophistication and convenience in one! Includes zippered change pocket, ID photo window, credit card slot and billfold pocket. Wallets measure 7" x 4"

$12 each

Designer Wallets
Black Designer Wallets Purple Designer Wallets
Tiger Prints Designer Wallets Blue Designer Wallets

Designer Wallets

The very nature of fundraising is to generate hope for a prosperous result and to inspire those who support fundraisers for schools to be a part of something so positive. When schools and communities make the right choice to benefit the planet, the results can often be the very profitability they hoped for. True prosperity is a win-win for everyone, and there’s no better way to express this ideal than by purchasing one of our elegant, practical designer wallets!

One of our very best green fundraising ideas, these wallets are constructed with a full frame that opens to reveal plenty of storage for credit cards, business cards, identification and bills. The coin purse features a secure zipper, and the sturdy snap closure creates a stylish but secure effect. Made with durable, lightweight materials, our wallets satisfy the most discerning tastes and will add to the popularity of your nature fundraiser.

Our wallets offer a fun selection of colors, textures and visual patterns. The simple, modern elegance of our crocodile-stamped, leather-like black wallet is timeless in its appeal. For a bolder statement, try the jewel-toned geometric pattern of our purple wallet or the mix of hearts and diamonds we added to our striking red textured model. Not enough drama? Dare to own our stunning leopard-print wallet and turn the heads of all free spirits and animal lovers who will appreciate your commitment to style and the environment.

Our wallets are fun to sell. Your sales volunteers, the buyers and everyone else will want to support your green fundraising effort by buying one or more for themselves. These wallets have style and practicality that appeals to all ages, so don’t be surprised to receive orders from mothers, daughters, aunts, grandmothers and friends of all ages!