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Natures Vision Fundraising Beach & Shower Towels

Here are some more great fundraising ideas for schools. Who does not love to stretch out and bask in the warm rays of the summer sun? Nature's Vision has found a true summertime hit with these incredibly soft cotton velour beach towels. Each towel measure 30 inches by 60 inches, ensuring that you can reserve an ample slice of waterfront real estate when you spread out your new beach towel. After a long day of body surfing, snorkeling or swimming, the absorbent fabric wicks away moisture and dries quickly.

$16 each

Shark Shower Towels Solar System design Towels Dolphin Towels
Pink Hibiscus Design Towels Giraffe Kiss Design Towels Sunflower Design Towels
Peace Frog Design Towels Love Design Towels Hang Loose Mokey Towels
White Tiger Towels Ying Yang Dragon Towels Wolf Howl towels
Kitty Hammock Design Towels
Crabbie Design Towels
Doggie Design Towels
American Eagle Design Towels

Fundraising Towel Designs

Ocean lovers are drawn instantly to our deep-sea designs. The cool blues of our shark theme towel offer a fashionable contrast to the hot rays of summer sun. Meanwhile, the sunset hues and arcing leaps of dolphins inspire us to recall the importance of saving the beautiful, graceful, intelligent creatures that inhabit the deep waters of the world.

Our spider's lair towel creates the optical illusion that the reclining sunbather reclining is suspended helplessly in an ominous ruby web. Our snow tiger design demands notice as the big cat gracing this towel stares back at onlookers with piercing blue eyes. Meanwhile, fans of sorcery or mixed martial arts are sure to be entranced by the fierce appeal of the design spotlighting a dragon encircling a yin yang symbol.

For a more lighthearted approach, check out our colorful comedic motifs. Mischievous monkeys invite beach goers to "hang loose," while a field of sunflowers envelopes the sun worshipper on another design. Messages of peace and love, naturalistic themes, and even tattoo-style artwork grace our other sunny designer towels. With so many selections, there is one for every personality, mood, and green fundraising event. We encourage your to purchase several so that you are ready for any impromptu trip to the seaside or to the neighborhood pool. Our cotton beach towels are a perennial hit that will make sales for your green fundraiser soar!