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Cotton Towel Ponchos

Our ponchos work like magic, transforming bath time into party time. Kids cannot wait to get out of the water and wrap themselves in our fun, colorful towel ponchos. These are perfect for fundraisers for schools.

All towel Ponchos are made of High Quality 100% Cotton Velour Material. Measures 24" x 36" (including the hood) when used as a poncho. Measures 24" x 48" when used as a towel. One size fits all for children two to ten years old, 30-80 lbs. and 3' - 4' 8" tall.

$16 each

Mermaid Towel Ponchos
Turtle Towel Ponchos
Dolphin Towel Ponchos

Fundraising Bath Towel Ponchos

Little girls dream of being little mermaids. Our ponchos help make that dream come true, even if only for the time it takes to dry off. A flowing mane of red hair and a shimmering mermaid tail create the illusion of magical transformation for every girl that puts on our comfortable, cozy poncho. Little girls can live their own fairy tale each time they emerge from the bath.

Great sea turtles are one of the most ancient animal species still gracing the earth. Sadly, their numbers are shrinking. We hope to raise awareness of their plight while also capturing the magic of swimming with them in the ocean by offering our smiling sea turtle cotton towel poncho. Surrounded by a halo of bubbles, children are transformed into a smiling green sea turtle when they climb into our hooded towel poncho.

Dolphins are one of the most beloved ocean animals. Always an enormous draw at aquariums and sea-themed water parks, their funny personalities, obvious intelligence and smiling facial expressions make them favorites of children everywhere. Kids and parents can show their love of these graceful creatures when they purchase their own dolphin design towel poncho. Perfect for bath time or for welcoming little swimmers back from a day in the pool, this towel poncho is as popular as the animals that inspired it.

All towels are made of premium quality 100% cotton velour. When used as a hooded poncho, each measures 24 inches by 36 inches, including the hood. When unfolded, each poncho is expandable to 24 inches by 48 inches, perfect for use as a full-size towel. One size fits all for most children two to ten years of age. Think of these items when coming up with green fundraising ideas for your school or organization.