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Sport Bottles & Mugs

Green fundraising is the perfect vehicle to raise money for your organization while elevating consciousness of the environmental concerns that surrounds us. Two concerns are of primary concern to eco-conscious individuals: clean water and reduced waste. Nature's Vision offers a wide selection of travel-friendly beverage containers that do both.

Stainless Steel Sport Bottles

These water bottles are a safe, environmentally friendly option for on the go hydration. Non-leaching, toxin free and BPA free. Wide mouth opening is perfect for ice cubes and easy cleaning. Includes convenient sport top flip lid. Lightweight, durable, and reusable. 16 oz.

$8.00 each

Stainless Steel Sport Bottles Stainless Steel Sport Bottles Stainless Steel Sport Bottles

Recycled Material Mugs Choose to Reuse

These mugs are made from 75% recycled plastic. It's easy to be Green.
All mugs can be used for both HOT and COLD beverages. 20 oz.

$8.00 each

Recycled Material Mugs Recycled Mugs

Double Wall Tumblers

Eco-Friendly, reusable and recyclable tumblers with special insulation that helps cold drinks stay colder longer. Special wrap around print designs. Easy open screw on lid with flip up reusable straw. Non-leaching, toxin free and BPA-Free. 15 oz.

$8.00 each

Recycled Material Mugs Recycled Mugs

Stainless Steel Travel Mug

This stylish and durable travel mug is made of high quality stainless steel. Can be used for both HOT and COLD beverages and includes leak-proof lid. 16oz.


Stainless Steel Travel Mugs

In recent years, environmental news has highlighted the dangers of drinking from containers made of certain materials. When water is stored in these containers, harmful chemicals can be released from the container materials into the liquid and be ingested, with potentially unhealthy effects. Health conscious, eco-aware individuals prefer reusable water bottles made from non-toxic materials. Our stainless steel sport bottles offer the perfect solution. Each bottle is made of lightweight, ultra-durable material that is non-leaching, non-toxic and BPA-free. The wide mouth makes it easy to add ice cubes, fruit slices, or smoothie powders to your water while also allowing for easy cleanup afterward. The convenient flip top sport lid makes our bottles perfect for your next on-the-go adventure. This could be a staple item for any nature fundraising event.

Reduce and recycle with our insulated travel mugs. Carry a generous 20 ounces of your favorite hot or cold beverage in our convenient travel mugs made from 75% recycled materials. Drinks stay hot or cold for hours so that you can hydrate anytime, anywhere knowing that you have done something good for the earth. Simply drink your coffee or tea, and save the planet. Who would have guessed that going green was this easy?

Our deluxe, fashionable, stainless steel travel mug is the best way to travel with your hot or cold beverages. Featuring a handy, ergonomic, no-slip grip and leak proof lid, it is very commuter friendly, as well. You favorite drink will retain its temperature for hours. You will be thrilled with the look and convenience of this mug. The stainless steel construction is exceptionally sturdy and free of the toxins found in many plastic mugs, making it a very eco-friendly choice. Take it to work, to school, or on a long drive.