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Natural Scented Soy Candles

Scent can be evocative, soothing and energizing. Since the beginning of time people have used the power of scent to create a mood or sense of atmosphere in their homes. In modern times, we have become aware of the immense power of scent to reawaken memories and feelings once thought long hidden. The sense of smell is the most closely connected to the brain’s center of memories and emotion. Carefully choosing the aromatic elements for our homes is a way of healing and stimulating the mind. Incorporate the healing potential of scent in your next green fundraising event when your shine the spotlight on our delicious candles.

Natural Soy Candles

Our Jar Candles are made in the Heartland of America with a natural blend of long burning highly scented 100% Natural Soy Wax and Lead-Free wicks. Our candles contain two to three times the fragrance oil of other candles and will give off fragrance until all the wax is gone! 30-40 hour burn time. 3 3/4" H.

$10 each

Napa Sunset Soy Candles Mountain Waterfall Soy Candles
Cinnamon Buns Soy Candles Sunflowers Soy Candles
Fresh Vanilla Soy Candles Citrus Soy Candles

Triple Scented Soy Candles

Enjoy three scents in one with our natural soy candles. Our candles are made with 100% soy wax and lead free cotton wicks. 30-40 hour burn time. 3 3/4" H

$10 each

Cinnamon Soy Candles Spring Fresh Soy Candles
Melon Burst Soy Candles

Flameless LED Candles

Each real wax candle uses an LED light that flickers and glows like the real thing without the risk or mess of an ordinary candle. LED's last for 100,000 hours and require three AAA batteries (not included). 4" H

$10 each

Cinnamon Soy Candles Spring Fresh Soy Candles
Melon Burst Soy Candles Melon Burst Soy Candles

Decorative Glass Reed Diffusers

These beautiful reed diffusers include a decorative glass with 10 rattan sticks that will diffuse the abundant fragrance. 50 ml.

$10 each

Ocean Breeze Reed Diffusers Lavender Reed Diffusers Vanilla Reed Diffusers

Many green households avoid the potentially toxic effects of petroleum products by opting for natural soy wax. Our soy candles burn clean and long, releasing fragrance all the way until the last bit of candle is burned. By avoiding waste and burning a clean fuel, you can enjoy the ambiance of glowing candles without guilt. All of our candles make great choices for any fundraisers for schools.

Nature's Vision has chosen candles to complement any season and every mood. During the winter months, the desire for warmth and comfort makes the amber glow and sweet scents of our gourmand-scented candles an instant crowd pleaser. Cozy vanilla comforts and relaxes, while the smell of cinnamon buns recalls holidays and Sunday mornings when Grandma would rise early to make breakfast for the whole family. Apples and pumpkin pie conjure up images of autumn, warm sweaters and hot drinks. Buyers will clamor to infuse their homes with these welcoming scents.

Fresh and herbaceous scents create the perfect atmosphere in workspaces and bathrooms. Transform any space into a sanctuary with the aromas of sage and citrus. The serene scents of a morning mist or Napa sunset cleanse the mind and the air at the end of a long summer day. Buyers who seek to introduce an element of brightness to their surroundings will find our sunflower scented candle to be an invigorating choice.

All of our candles are made from 100% natural soy wax and feature safe and lead free wicks. Boasting twice the fragrance oils of most commercial candles, our soy candles are an affordable indulgence for your nature fundraising event. Take your love of scent to the next level with our other premium fragrance products. Our triple scent soy candles offer three layers of fragrance, making each candle a scent story in three chapters. For areas where an open flame is undesirable, our refreshing reed scent diffusers provide a safe, luxurious option.